All About Girls Flower Headbands

By Doris Rivas

Compliment your attire with girls flower headbands. This excellent accessory is no longer just for special occasions. Whether you are going for a night out or just want to look pretty, these can be worn anywhere. From infants to adults, there is no age limit to enhance your outfit. With a variety of color and style, you can complete your look with a bit of whimsy.

The actual purpose of a headband is to pull your hair out of your face. It is a band that wraps from one ear to the other going over the top of your head. Mostly, they are worn for decorative purposes only. Many times, these are seen at weddings or special occasions. They are popular way to accessorize and most wear them simply for pleasure.

These can be made of ribbons, flexible metal or plastic. Fabric is often wrapped around these to cushion the hardness of them. They vary in width from 1/2 inch to two or more inches. When wearing a ribbon headband, it can be tucked under the hair and tied or fastened for closure.

Many times flowers are used to decorate the band. Among the most commonly used are daisies, sunflowers, roses, carnations, and tropical variations. Buds and fully bloomed florets compliment each other. These are often combined to create special clusters. Babies breath may be interlaced with the arrangement to bring a look of delicacy to it.

These decorations for your hair use both live and artificial flowers. Real designs are found more commonly at special occasions or events. Weddings, anniversaries and dances tend to use these. Imitation creations are more practical for every day wear. They last longer and be worn again and again.

Florists create live flower arrangements for these bands. They will ask you what colors and flowers you would like to see used. Using this information, they design it by hand paying attention to detail. When considering imitation florets, visit the hair accessory aisle in your local department store. You will be able to find many assembled for you and ready to take off the shelf to wear.

Many different things are used to bring dimension and texture to your headband. Lace, beads, pearls, and foliage are just a few accents to look for. These bring either harmony or contrast to the flower arrangement. A spray of flowers creates a special effect. Sometimes just one simple blossom is all you need. Elements can add much to your desired look.

The color of these has no limits. Any color you can imagine is easily found. Plaid, stripes, polka dots, or solid patterns form the band. Dying or coloring the floral arrangement is another way of bring color into it. This is done professionally for live flowers. You may choose instead to buy artificial flowers of different colors and create your own.

It used to be that girls flower headbands were only worn for special occasions. They have become popular for every day through the years. Age is no longer a consideration for these. Parents adorn their infants with them and teens wear them for fashion. Complimenting any thing you choose to wear, these are versatile and fun.

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