Basic Clothing Tips You Should Remember

By Jimmy Cox

Excellent clothing tips are all you need in order to dress well. Money is important too, but you don't need much money to spend if you know the essential pieces to buy. By owning the rights pairs of tops and bottoms, you will never have to buy the latest outfits every now and then. Read the following insights on how you can build a wardrobe rich in style with limited clothes at hand with the help of power dressing.

Now, why is it not important to have bunch of garments and accessories to look superb all year round? It is because you can be that by just wearing the same tops and bottoms in your cabinet. You just have to be skilled in paring them up in a fashionable way. With that, you just need the following: a couple of suits, a couple of jackets, a couple of dress pants, five dress shirts, five polo shirts, three neckties, two belts, two leather shoes and a pair of sneakers. That's just one piece over two dozens of stuff an effective wardrobe for men requires. Always consider neutral colors and elegant designs in choosing each of these pieces for the sake of interchangeability.

Although you are going for safe colors in casual dressing, take time to test them against your complexion. Never settle for hues that make you look dull; choose ones that make you full of life. Different cuts come out in the market again and again. There is no harm in trying them but if you are after looking good and elegant, it is best to settle classic cuts that suit all body types. Whatever looks good on the mannequin may not appear the same on your body.

Size matters too. This is one of the most overlooked clothing tips even though it is what common sense dictates to everyone. Some men purchase clothes that are a size or a couple of sizes smaller than their current body built. They use these as motivators to lose weight. What if, for some indispensable reason, you are unable to reach your goal? What will happen to your newly-bought piece?

Most males are successful in creating a checklist of clothes they should buy. Along the way, they lose the focus and interest to keep what they have written down because of two things - lack of money and impatience. As you currently don't have enough money, you are tempted to buy substandard, say, polo shirts. Be patient in looking for the right pieces and waiting for the right time.

The clothing tips mentioned above are not difficult to observe especially if you have the heart for it. Just be willing to invest your time and money on it. You can improve your dressing up skills by training your eyes and taste to selecting classic designs over trendy ones.

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