Fall Fashion: Men's Clothing You Don't Want to Be Seen In

By Brad Wilson

Summer is nearly over, and for those with even the tiniest bit of fashion sense, the hottest topic right now is fall fashion. Even though you may be swayed by clothing on the runways and men's suits you see fashionable men wearing, you may have to think beyond just styles. Discard some clothing items if you really want to look your most fashionable.

So, what are the fashion faux pas you should avoid this fall?

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Coats That Are Too Long- You have probably watched the Adam Sandler film Little Nicky. His unforgettable coat might have been at the height of fashion then, but this fall, if you are dusting the floor with it as you walk, you shouldn't be wearing it. Ideal coat length is a few inches above knee for wearing over suits. Yes, it does take away some of the protection long coats offer to your calves, but that's exactly what men suit trousers and socks were made for, right? For casual evenings, nothing beats the classic look and feel of one of our Scottish tweed jackets.

Puffer Vests- While these feather filled vests do block out even the harshest cold breeze during the fall, they also make you look as if you have put on a few extra pounds. You can use an alternative though. You no longer have to sacrifice warmth for style; instead of purchasing a puffer vest during the season, consider a gilet. Vest-like gilets don't add bulk and still maintain body heat and fight the cold.

Scarves With Logos- You aren't a billboard, so why should you act like one? Forget the logo scarves this fall; no one wants to know how much you spent on a fashion accessory. Look for warm, soft scarf styles possibly in lamb's wool.

Wearing Leather- Leather jackets need to fit your body well if they are going to look halfway decent. You cannot possibly look fashionable in leather jackets that are shapeless and frumpy.

More Cologne- In cold air, colognes have a tendency to weaken. Still drenching suits in cologne is not the right thing to do. Also look for scents that go with your style and personality. For the greatest affect apply cologne at pulse points.

Some materials may ne affected negatively by cologne. Harris tweed for instance, is not that kind of fabric on which you apply cologne.

Fall is approaching, and so is a new season filled with new fashion. Take advantage of it, and throw away these fall failures so you always look, feel, and smell your best. Brooktaverner is the largest men suit seller in Europe!

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