Fashionable Hats, Footwear And Panache

By Sherman Andarton

Traditional styles are still popular as well as new gladiator shoes that tie in with a daily work outfit, such as a pencil skirt and button downs. You'll want to tame down the overall hard-core appearance of the shoe. Stay away from anything with shoe studs or gaudy embellishments and try to stick to a matte leather. The best bargains are found on online shoes and accessories stores.

Hats were once apparel accessories found in every man and woman's wardrobe. Hats have a way of transforming ordinary people into stylish individuals, brimming with personality. Putting on the hat that's right for you can bring out a new sense of confidence.

While hats may have fallen out of the mainstream for popular apparel accessories, celebrities are always donning them. Perhaps the apparel fashion is coming back again. In fact, hats are the best way to reinvent yourself. You can look very stylish and chic if you choose the hat that's best for you... or you can look downright ridiculous if you choose the wrong one.

First, you will need apparel accessories that match your face and body shape. Triangular and oval-shaped faces can wear just about any hat shape or style. Some of the best include those with large brims, newsboys, flapper girls, fedoras, cloches and cocos. Square or round faces look best with high hats, angled brims, asymmetry, straw hats and wide-brimmed hats, yet they should avoid narrow hats and tall hats. In addition to facial style, you should also consider body type. Larger-framed women look best in large, floppy hats; by contrast, petite women look best in berets, cloches and smaller brimmed hats. You can add height with taller crowns and lighter colors or, if you're tall enough, try fifties-style hats and wide-brimmed looks. Round-toe pumps have definitely surpassed stilettos as the standard heel staple and complement well.

The hat you choose should also look good with other apparel accessories like shoes, purses or jewelry. Yet, the most important thing is that the style matches, more so than color. If you're wearing a flowing summer dress, choose an elegant hat with soft lines and long ribbons.

Another good rule when you're choosing apparel accessories is to pay attention to your skin tone and your eye color. Not everyone can wear a black hat, for instance. If you are too pale, black might make you appear gaunt or sickly. In the same way, if you have a ruddy, reddish skin tone, you may not want to go with a bright red or purple hat that makes you look like a big berry. Hats do not necessarily have to match your outfit. For example, neutral outfits in beige or navy can go with almost any hat color.

Granny boots that embrace the vintage style are big for the fall. These are not the shoes in your grandma's closet but sleek sexy ankle boots that have flair and style. They are more flattering, certainly, than military boots. Nude colored shoes are a style trick to give y our legs a longer look if you are wearing a skirt or dress. They are also great if you do not want to draw attention to your shoes, so wear them with pants for a more subtle look.

However, well-chosen men's hats or women's hats have the ability to accentuate certain facial features and even body shapes. Hats can be fashion accessories or they can even be status symbols, so it's important that you choose carefully. Fashion sites for shoes and clothing variation are abundant online for contrast and comparison.

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