how can fashion impact?

Pursuing in the world of fashion, I sometimes wonder why I even choose to go to fashion school in the first place. I question myself if this is what I really want to do with my life? Am I really impacting people with the knowledge that I have in fashion? What can I do that can be useful to people? What can fashion impact? I know people may think that fashion is not like saving people like doctors and other occupations. As a Christian, I know that all these materials that we call “our belonging” are not the major issue in life but I always wonder why people care so much about something that has really no meaning into it. I kept replaying these questions in my head and that maybe this is not what I was meant to do. I question myself several times about fashion in general. Why does fashion even matters to people? The thing is I know as a human, we all have our want and need and fashion is only want we want, it is really not what we need but we tend to think it as a need. We all know that fashion is the way to make people like you or to fit in a circle of group. In reality, fashion is to boast our ego and to cover up from the outside to what is really in from the inside. Fashion is to make the outer look pretty and desirable. This is a harsh word of realization but it is in fact the truth of life. But then I begin to think on the brighter side of fashion, maybe we have fashion because we want to be differentiate from the rest.
 Let say there is a war, if the soldiers don’t have a certain clothes that can differentiate them from the enemies, how would they really know who their enemies are? Clothes are in fact useful tools we have for protection, safety, comfortable, artistic, style, and etc. When we see the value of the clothes, we can understand and appreciate the work that is put in for what we need. Fashion is not just about looking good but also learning that although clothing are just materials, we should wear it to firmly last. I mean if you don’t have clothes for the winter, you will freeze to death. I don’t believe that fashion should be a way to fit in with people, I think clothes should be a way to make you feel secure and stand firm so it is really making a statement about yourself through your clothes. Yes many may argue the truth of fact that fashion world is not a job where we save people but we can also argue that clothing in general can save people. We should not really worry about the word fashion but we should research on the process that makes fashion so important. I believe that fashionable clothing should be popular for its usefulness and appreciate on its occasions. To say the least, fashionable clothing are not the new trends. I would say that we do save people with fashion because most of the time fashion stands for clothing and clothing can save people. If we use clothing (fashion) as a tool, we can understand the value of its price. Fashion is a statement and a way to make an expression so I really do not believe that it is a way to only just cover up our inside, we have fashion so that we can express what is in the inside. Fashion brings out who you are, it identify your identification.
Who likes comedy? Who likes a happy ending? I certainly do. What about tragedy? I don’t like it but back again to reality, we are all going to die because that is what we are distance to. It’s what life is about and it is our natural blood to die. I accepted it full pride. Tragedy can be anything. We all have a different definition of what tragedy really means. Some might think to have a life is a tragedy and some might also think tragedy is to die but we all have our opinion. How does this even relate to fashion right? I know what you were thinking. Even if we die, our stuff still reminds in the memory of our life. Our accessories (fashion) can search/solve the past and it can also estimate the future. it is very important to save people. I understand that completely but what happens after we are save, we live for 50 or 60 years and then….die…what remains “our belonging” is what we left behind. so don’t tell me that fashion Is not important now. Don’t tell me that fashion does not have an impact in the world because it does, slowly it reveals the veer truth of reality......
Well this is just my opinion