How to Dress Like a Pin Up Girl in Vintage Style Dresses

By Sisi Tsoi

The most memorable pin up girl has got to be Betty Grable, one of the most popular pin up girls in WW2, perhaps the most popular, since the famous picture of her wearing a swimming costume and looking back over her shoulder, was the one most kept by the GIs.

Most grandpas will remember her fondly, this fantasticly cheerful, all American 'cheesecake pin up' girl. Dita von Teese, the modern burlesque extraordinaire, said she is everyone's favourite pin up, in her book, 'Burlesque and the Art of the Tease'.

The term 'cheesecake pin up' comes from the pin up girl era not an actual Cheesecake. It signifies a woman who invites you to the beach or a picnic, all with a glorious smile, and makes you forget all your troubles. The 40s pin up girl look can be easily imitated nowadays. We are not necessarily looking for the real 40s clothing, since such items are scarce and can be very expensive. Genuine vintage 40s clothing is now seen as a very lucrative business, since the popular culture is full of vintage inspired images. Think of Christina Aguilera, of her impressive make-over from the much loathed image of 'dirty' to a stunning pin up for her 'Back to Basics' album.

The stunning transformation of Christina certainly proves that having a bit of pin up style could certainly make us a lot classier and glamorous. We can all create the 40s with our high street finds. For a day time look, the most important garment we need to buy is a high waisted bottom. Let it be jeans or a skirt, just opt for a high waisted design, and you are on the highway back to the 40s. A high waisted pencil skirt or high waisted tailored trousers with flares for work, or a pair of high waisted skinny jeans are a must for the casual look. Team them with a cropped tee, or a neat white blouse as a perfect partner for this look.

Invest in a pair of round toed, high heeled pumps to help elongate your legs. The most important element to create a Betty Grable look is her hairstyle. Grow your bangs long, over- ear length, then create the bouffant look by back combing your bangs with some dry shampoo to make it stay.

Finish it off by clipping the end of the hair to hide the pins. For the rest of the hair style, use a nylon filler in the shape of a donut, lift and wrap your pony tail around the donut shape. Finish the look with hair spray and you have the perfect pin up hair do. Black eyeliner and red lipstick are a must for the pin up's make up. By using 3 steady brush strokes to create a full line, you will get a perfect eyeliner flick. Choose pillar box red, or blueberry red and remember to use a pencil to line your lips.

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