I Was Delighted To Find The Perfect Biker Jackets For My Husband

By Erma X. Lattaz

My husband and I had been planning a long cross-country biking trip with some friends, so I decided I had better look at some biker jackets for my husband so he would look stylish and also be protected on our trip. My husband has always adored motorcycles, and so when he had saved up enough money to buy himself a Harley, he was grinning for weeks. I have not always been very thrilled about motorcycles, but I wanted to be supportive of his hobbies, and my enjoyment of them grew until I found myself pleased when he gave me a leather jacket for my birthday.

Once he had gotten to the point where he felt very assured in his biking abilities, he decided to plan a big biking trip. Because it would be a really long trip, he wanted me to come along and keep him company. I think my husband was kind of surprised when I told him I would come, agreeing to ride on the back of his bike all the way.

Although he had given me a wonderful leather jacket, he did not have one for himself, so I determined to get him a quality leather jacket to protect him from possible accidents and also any weather we went through. The issue that I was facing though, was that my husband was very particular, and whenever we had looked in the biker stores together, he never found any biker jackets that he really liked.

Since I was on a tight schedule for getting him one, and the stores had not been very helpful in the past, I decided to go right to the Internet to find one. I came across a website that had some terrific leather jackets that were really high-quality leather. I really liked these jackets because not only did they look wonderful, but they were the kind of leather jackets men like my husband would feel confident wearing, because it would not make him look like he belongs in a seedy biker bar.

I looked through all the styles of jackets, and I finally decided on one, so I placed my order and arranged for it to be delivered before we would leave on our trip. When the package arrived, I hid it away and then handed it to my husband the day we were supposed to leave. Even though I loved the jacked, I had a little nagging doubt that maybe my husband wouldn't, but I shouldn't have stressed because he absolutely loved it. Our trip was a huge success, and while we did not get into any accidents, we both looked great and had a lot of fun!

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