Sheepskin Boots and Shoes - Style and Comfort

By Jon Forsight

Boots made from Sheepskin have endured and travel from the backlands of Australia to the United States where they have made an indelible stamp. The versatility and odorless quality of sheepskin that leaves feet comfortable and dry has turned many into believers.

Soft and warm sheepskin leave one's feet comfortable and dry. It allows one's feet to breathe and the option of going sock-less and experience the feeling of softness against one's skin that leather products will simply not allow.

New Ugg versions are available in versatile neutrals. The classic Cardy is wildly popular. Many boot styles offer molded rubber outsole with ribbed traction patterns. They are a durable product and stack up well to abuse.

What makes the classic Cardy so popular likely is that it is a soft Merino wool blend that is fashionable to women in that it has 3 wooden buttons that allow for a slouched down or folded up look.

Besides the Cardy's refreshing style that allows for a slouch down boot look or one can wear it up look, the boot features a soft foam insole. That insole covered with genuine sheepskin and has a molded light and flexible outsole makes for amazing comfort with every step.

Also standing the test of time in the women's world of fashion is the tall chestnut boot style. This style has the soft Merino sheepskin on the inside and the twin-faced sheepskin on the outside. The raw seam is distinctively visible on the outside of the boot. Merion sheep produce the finest and softest wool of any breed of sheep.

Men's sheepskin boots and shoes are made to look more rugged and feature durability assets that make it practical and amazingly comfortable. The outer upper boot is combined with leather so it can better stand up to abuse. The outsole is made of molded rubber so traction is positive.

The word Ugg was meant to describe the boot as ugly boot. Perhaps it was ugly at its inception, but since it became popular because of its enduring qualities of warmth in winters and coolness in summer wear, the design has truly been given fashion applause. Find the latest sheepskin footwear at

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