Start A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

By Mathew Engelking

Many people have become very successful starting a dry cleaning delivery service. This is something that is in great demand, especially in the bigger cities where professionals do not have the time to slip out of meetings or in between work and take their suits to be dry cleaned. For this reason, there are many shops that have been closing their doors and finding that starting something from home is the better option.

The first step to starting any business is to make sure that you draw up a good business plan. Not only will this help when it comes finding a loan, but you will also need something to refer back to at certain periods. This will tell you how you are doing with your business.

These days banks are weary of giving out loans to just about anyone, unless you have a very good business plan as well as a marketing plan to back it up. You have to think about what you buy and this all has to be planned and set up in the budget. There are lots of ways that you can buy affordable assets and equipment that are just as good as they are new.

Some people decide to buy all of the most expensive equipment, but this is not necessary if you are on a tight budget. If that is the case, then it is better to start small. You will be able to find a lot of affordable equipment at auctions so have a look around. You can buy a second hand delivery van as well to add to your pick up and delivery dry cleaning business.

Make sure that you do a marketing plan. This should be included in your business plan. Here, you shall be able to find out what your target market is going to be. You should also find out what other businesses exist in the area because you do not want to be situated too close to your competition.

It may be a good idea to do an interview with a competitor without letting on who you are or what your intention is. Your marketing campaign needs to be well planned. You need to have a budget set up for this.

Online advertising and marketing is a very effective way for getting the word out. However, you need to keep up with this on a daily basis. Remember to target both professionals as well as other people who may not need to use the dry cleaning delivery service as often.

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