The G-Shock Watch Series Turns 30!

By Callum Moorhead

The world famous watch series is 30 years old!

In 2013 the world famous Casio watch series G-Shock turns 30, back in 1983 the original G-Shock or DW-5000C revolutionised watch design. At the time it was a given that watches where going to be fragile and would always be susceptible to breaking. Kikuo Ibe and his team at Casio blew these beliefs out of the water when they came up with the G-Shock, creating a new market for tough, hardcore watches.

It is now taken for granted that when you buy G-Shock you are buying a watch that is built to last. During the two year development period between 1981 and release in 1983 Kikuo Ibe and his team went through over 200 prototypes before they were satisfied they had created the ultimate watch, a watch capable of bearing the G-Shock name. The very first G-Shock released was the DW-5000C.

In order to reach this momentous achievement Kikuo Ibe devised the 'Triple 10' development concept. In order to create the ultimate watch Kikuo and his team would have to make a watch that could successfully surpass 3 tests, have a 10 year lifespan, be water resistant to 10-bar and be capable of surviving drops of 10 meters.

G-Shock is a watch series that broke the mould and continues to push the boundaries of what watches are capable of with each new model. Casio and G-Shock are celebrating this achievement with a yearlong celebration starting in August 2012.

With the release of a number of limited edition watches Casio have started the party. Casio have revamped 4 of their most popular G-Shocks over the past 30 years, by giving them a red finish and a special case-back that commemorates the series 30th birthday.

As well as this G-Shock will be teaming up with Eric Haze once again on a special project to commemorate the watches 30th birthday. The special watch a G-Shock GA-110EH-8A will be finished in grey with red highlights on the case and watch face. The case-back will once again feature the 30th anniversary logo.

Over the next year G-Shock will be announcing more limited and special editions than ever before so if you're a big G-Shock fan keep an eye out.

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