The Ranges Produced By Invicta Watches

By Michael George

Considering that it can take a year to craft a single manual timepiece, it was surprising when Invicta watches originated to produce mechanical pieces at a low price in the Eighteen hundreds. Prior to that, chronographs and the like were only available for the rich and lucky. Today, they continue their philosophy by offering high quality timepieces at a modest price.

'Invincible' is the word used to create the brand name. This reputation has survived over nearly 2 centuries. It was started by the Piccards but was purchased by an American company that had had a lasting involvement with them in the past. The current company president has a long history of watchmaking.

The brand manufactures exquisite manual chronographs despite its reputation as a fashion brand. The label 'fashion timepiece' is looked down upon my true aficionados who believe that anything made only to suit trends cannot achieve the greatness of a beautifully crafted, serious timepiece. However, the brand produces a range of chronographs with genuine style relevance and sports worthiness.

Invicta has several categories for various sports and each is tailored for different environments. The pro diver range is elegant as well as functional. It is stylish enough to move from dive site to business function without diminishing its practicality as a diving implement.

The aviator range follows a similar styling as the pro diver collection. Chronographs pay homage to Rolex at times but others have more traditional sports styling that fits a pilot's life perfectly. Timepieces used during water sports demand additional functionality. The Sea Hunter range is prominent and able to function at depths as well as over them.

The fun elegance of the yachtsman is perfectly encapsulated in the Sea Hunter range. It uses the traditional look of the regatta by replacing chrome with gold or chrome and red combinations. Those who prefer a less flashy look also have subtle options.

The extreme sportsman is given the anatomic range. These timepieces can tolerate 200 m of water pressure as well as incredibly harsh environments. A polyurethane and stainless steel combination ensures longevity and endurance. The designers used a bright and cheerful palette that will contrast against the conditions they will be worn in.

True chronographs make up the Russian Diver range, which is water resistant. This collection began in the Eighteen hundreds when a Russian Naval fleet commissioned it. The timepieces are bold and large. A women's collection is included under the title. This is an ideal range for those who want to travel from dive site to hotel restaurant without changing their watches.

The Vintage collection is among the most fashionably relevant ones today. It takes inspiration from eras of the past and makes use of the first logo used in the Eighteen hundreds. Antique finishes are used on the chronograph dials.

Women can also have the pleasure of donning Invicta watches. The Wildflower range is considered the best of the women's collections. The timepieces don't skimp on strength or complexity but subtle gemstones and mother or pearl are used. More youthful looks in bright hues are available in this perfectly envisioned collection.

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