Tshirt Printing Helps Sell Products And Express Opinions

By Andy Flores

During the infamous decade of the 1960s people not only adopted radically new political viewpoints, but also changed the way they dressed. Unusual psychedelic colors were suddenly popular, and the plain cotton t-shirt was a blank canvas waiting to be illustrated. Today, tshirt printing has taken the place of tie-dyeing, and is a popular, modern way to express a point of view, or to advertise a product.

Although many of the plain variety are still sold, creating custom-printed designs is practical and popular. There are several techniques in use today for imprinting nearly any image, including logos, slogans, advertising messages, or even copies of fine art. The opportunities for creativity are limitless, and the screen printing process is still the most common method of producing a finished product.

It is a comparatively economical process that is also used on other common materials such as wood, paper, or even plastics, producing colors that are brilliant, durable, and versatile. While screen print techniques have been used for many years, modern methods combine traditional and digital processes to transfer an image from to the actual fabric.

When finished, screen prints are normally clear and crisp. It is possible to save the screens for reprinting at a future time, and the pigments used are able to withstand repeated trips to the washing machine. In cases where a limited production run is ideal, some producers employ a heat transfer technique, most often on white fabrics that do not negatively impact the true colors of the ink.

In the past decade all-digital print methods have become increasingly popular. This process is superior for transferring artwork that includes intricate designs or a wide variety of colors, and is most economical when used in smaller production cycles. When a relatively low number of very high quality, long-lasting shirts are needed, this is the method that gives consistently good results.

Most humans enjoy people watching. Wearing a customized t-shirt makes a statement that often gets noticed more readily than even the most in-your-face billboard, or annoyingly repetitive television commercial. As advertising that can be worn, printed t-shirts are hard to beat. They are inexpensive and trendy, can be worn and seen nearly anywhere, and their unique messages make them memorable, a prized quality in the world of advertising.

Printed shirts are also great for promoting a sense of belonging to a sports team, work group, or class. They create a feeling of membership, and are a good way to create enthusiasm and unity of purpose between otherwise unrelated people. Because excellent printing today is so readily available and convenient, these shirts are ideal for special occasions such as family reunions, office picnics, or sports competitions, and they make excellent party favors or gifts.

Most tshirt printing and design companies now maintain websites that make ordering fast and easy. Whether you prefer a conservative image that best expresses company values, or a casual message that can be a little outrageous, it can be printed on a shirt. Most people truly enjoy receiving a quality promotional product, and will wear these special shirts long after the initial event is over.

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