Confessions Of A Christmas T-Shirt Fanatic

By Dennis Mills

Do you remember Christmas as a kid? do you remember waking up at the crack of dawn to a living room full of presents and getting so excited that your voice squeaked? Now do you remember how your parents would force you to open all of those terrible gifts from your relatives? Wow. Nothing beats that scratchy, horrible sweater that you are bound to unwrap. It makes it even worse that you are forced to wear it for the rest of the day.

Kids who were traumatized by these ugly Christmas sweaters are now the parents, and that means that those horrid things have passed beyond the realm of fashion...even for obtuse aunts and grandmothers. A simpler, more stylish form of Christmas spirit has come into focus for families everywhere: the cherished Christmas T-Shirt!

I am extremely guilty of taking all of that hate I built up during my childhood for those ugly sweaters and turning it into pure love for Christmas t-shirts. I snatch up several every year and wear them from Thanksgiving to Christmas evening. Retiring them each year is like how some people view the end of football season: with terrible resignation.

I love wearing these shirts because it not only brings out the height of my own Christmas cheer, but it makes those around me happier too. I know there are lots of people who see it as campy and silly, but even the people who are smiling behind their hands at me are getting loads of joy from my shirts.

As you can tell by now, there are literally thousands of Christmas t-shirts to choose from out there, which makes it pretty darn easy to find a shirt that exemplifies your sense of style and festiveness for the season. I will never let a Christmas season go by without wearing my Christmas t-shirts. They not only help bring me into the mind-frame of Christmas, but I find that it helps everyone else around me as well. Christmas is about sharing, family, and friends. It's a celebration of religious belief for many that centers on the ideas of thoughtlessness for self and the consideration of others. I'd like to think my Christmas t-shirts help remind those around me of that.

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