How To Use Fly Tying Feathers

By Kari Ratliff

Fly tying feathers can be found all over the globe. Companies that offer the tying equipment and other supplies can be searched online. Skins, feathers and furs are the main raw materials used by fly tiers and salmon fishermen to come up with artificial insects. The tools and tying supplies include fishing rods, reels, threads, silk, hooks and books among other reading materials.

Supplying companies may rear their birds to increase availability. They also procure the unique species from museums and zoos from all parts of the world. A single feather or several of them are obtained from birds such as jay, swan, Junglecock capes, Indian crow, pheasant, chatterer, Rollers, peacock, kingfisher, peacock among many others. The tying fur may be acquired from red and grey fox, muskrat, Iceland sheep and arctic blue and many more.

The art of flying may employ the use of two categories of furs. Theses categories are wet and dry furs. They help people swing in air and may be manipulated to form throat, cheek, a wing, a tail and other structure items. For instance Marabou feather is often used to form a wig of a jig or a tail. The swing looks very attractive to a fish once it is dipped inside a water body.

Marabou feather consists of various beautiful colors that possess distinctive looks. The feather has further been categorized to form sub categories such as grizzly, mini Marabou, Marabou plumes and strung marabou. It has an element that assists starters. It vigorously swings in order to make a replication. This activity confuses the fish and increases chances of it being trapped.

The color of a peacock fur is popular due to its stunning colors. It can be used to make different playful objects especially when it is plucked from near the eye. All bird species have the capacity of producing different fly structures under different conditions and situations. Each feather is therefore unique in its ability and functions. In most cases the name given to the species indicate its origin.

Every feather and fur from different species has the capability of creating beautiful fly models under different requirements. None of the species is more useful than the other. Different species serve different requirements and therefore own unique characteristics that are exhibited in their capability.

Fly fishing is a very exciting hobby. A beginner may start off by use of plastic flies but as time goes by he / she will feel the urge to tie the flies personally. The use of fur and feathers to tie the artificial insects appear very natural and beautiful. This activity is a hobby that saves a lot of money for the fisherman.

Fly tying feathers assist in design of artificial insects. The structures are made to resemble living insects that are food to various kinds of fish. They look like they are real and therefore deceiving to the fish. Once the fish attempts to catch the trapping insect, it is successfully trapped by the fisherman. Feathers from the mentioned birds have natural qualities that give the structure a living characteristics. They come in round shapes, some are big and small, firm, fluffy in order to give best results.

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