Jazz Up A Favorite Outfit With Nique Fashion Accessories

By Lance Trombly

Instantly jazz up an outfit with nique fashion accessories. Add new items to an existing collection. Remember to also incorporate some older pieces in new and interesting ways.

Shake up a stodgy outfit with a pair of large gold hoops. Wear pearl studs with your jeans and tee shirt. Add a scarf and jacket to something casual and it creates an ensemble that looks chic without trying.

Decorative brooches and pins can be used in a ton of ways. Rather than pinning them to the chest area, find another location on a shirt or sweater. Roll sleeves up and secure them with these pins. When attached to a ribbon, pins may also be worn in hair. When tying a scarf around hair, use them to heighten style. Spruce up a skirt or pair of pants. They can be lined up along the seams of a skirt or grouped together for impact. Experiment with the contrast between a serious clothing item and decorative pin.

Because shoes are often an accessory on their on, take it further by using other items to perk them up. Ribbons and buttons can be added for extra appeal. If one needs assistance, look for a shoe company that can make the changes.

Take scarves to a whole new level. Yes, they wrap around necks, but they also make good belts for cinching the waist of a dress or pair of pants. When purchased in larger sizes, they make for excellent wrap skirts. For people that prefer a little more edge to their clothing, tie around the knees of jeans.

One will find it is simple to locate quality fashion accessories. Use consignment stores to find nice pieces. These stores are known to carry good watches, shoes and bags.

Rethink the use of grandma's pearls, because the idea of how they are worn has changed. Pearls look good decorating a scarf. Big fake pearls offer something special to a t-shirt and jeans outfit. Seek colorful versions of pearls for impact. They also mesh well with precious metals and gems.

Online shopping is nothing to be afraid of. Buy fashion accessories online. One will be able to note the difference in costs, especially when compared to buying in person. Shopping online is also an ideal way to find designers that one would not run across otherwise. They rely on word of mouth. These smaller designers are often able to provide unique pieces for less because the overhead is low.

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