Materials Used To Make Affordable Bracelets

By Chloe Gib

The humble bangle has a very long history; historians have uncovered artifacts that prove that Ancient Egyptians used these ornaments five thousand years before Christ. Most of them were made of gold; the precious metal is still used to make modern armlets. Because these are expensive, alternative materials are used to make affordable bracelets.

Bangles can be made out of a wide variety of materials. The ultimate choice of which to use depends on the use, price, maintenance among other factors. It is important to for buyers to have this information; this way, they can be sure that they are paying the right price for the armlets they will be purchasing. Without it, they may end up paying too much.

Gold remains very popular with consumers in spite of its cost. People love it because it is attractive, does not react adversely with human skin, and stays rust and corrosion free for a long time. In order to create ornaments made out of this metal cheaper, it is mixed with other metals. This also makes it stronger, as pure gold is too soft for day to day use.

The ability of this material to mix with other metals is used in other ways. For instance, it can be used to change the metal's color. Red gold is the result of blending copper and this precious material. Another advantage of mixing it with other metals is that the resulting alloy is cheaper. Unfortunately, it does tend to lose its glitter faster than the pure material.

Apart from alloyed gold, another option for low cost and high quality bangles is stainless steel. Most people will be taken aback at this, as they do not associate this metal with jewelry. Craftsmen love its muted lustre, hardness, and ability to resist corrosion. They generally avoid steel made with nickel, as some people are allergic to it.

Another material that is used for making theme bracelets is brass, a relatively hard, gold coloured material. This is actually a mixture of two metals, copper and zinc. Its widely used for those bangles that are used to accessorize African or Indian wear. Bangles made from this metal are very attractive, while costing little. Brass has another advantage; because of the copper in its composition, it kills germs.

Plastics remain the number one material for making affordable bracelets. They are popular because they come in a wide range of designs and colors. They are also relatively hard. They do not cause unwanted reactions with the human skin.

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