Options For Those In Search Of An Unusual Wedding Band

By Dianne Crane

Shopping for wedding bands is an important and memorable experience for virtually all engaged couples. Most brides and grooms strive to choose their rings with care, as well as give serious thought to selecting a reputable jeweler from whom to acquire their set. For some couples, nothing but an unusual wedding band will do, as they feel this is an optimum way to express their individual personalities and their feelings for each other. Shoppers will be pleased to discover that with a little time and effort, the perfect rings can be found.

Unique wedding rings are offered by various merchants. However, it is a good idea for the couple to seriously think about their preferences before they begin shopping. For instance, even though they know they desire something different, they will still have to consider basic aspects such as the type of precious metal they prefer.

In addition, couples must determine whether or not they want their bands set with gemstones or engraved. Because most rings of this kind are designed in a plain fashion, those set with gemstones are popular among individuals searching for something original. Therefore, rings set with various gemstones will certainly demand attention wherever they are worn.

Rings that are embellished with black diamonds are also a great option for gem lovers. Black diamonds are especially attractive when placed in white gold settings. However, they also have a distinct appeal when set in conventional yellow gold.

Tension set rings are yet another choice that many consumers who are searching for nontraditional options favor. Rings of this type feature gemstones that look as if they are suspended in the air. However, it is important to understand that not all stones are appropriate for such settings. Therefore, it is wise to ask the advice of a jeweler in order to determine if the gemstone one desires is a realistic choice for this type of setting.

Although frequently overlooked, another great option shoppers may wish to consider is an antique ring. Almost all rings in this category are unique. They are usually bought in antique shops and no longer produced in mass quantities. A bride and groom may even find an antique set that was customized for the original couple. Those lucky enough to stumble upon such a find will have the satisfaction of knowing that similar rings will not be seen on the hands of other individuals.

Curved bands are also worth considering. Such rings feature complicated embellishments, including loops, swirls and other interesting metalwork. Those for whom plain bands hold no appeal are usually pleased with curved designs.

Selecting a ring made from an unconventional metal is also a fun way to make sure the piece will stand out. As mentioned earlier, yellow gold and white gold are the traditional metals from which such rings are made. However, brides and grooms will quickly discover that a broad range of additional options exist, including rose gold or platinum. Regardless of a person's individual taste, virtually anyone will be pleased when his or her choice is an unusual wedding band.

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