Should You Consider An Aquamarine Engagement Ring?

By Dave G Thompson

While most people assume that an engagement ring should contain a diamond, the truth is that there are alternatives, like aquamarine, for instance. They are beautiful and eye catching, but they are also more affordable than diamonds.

Some Aquamarine Facts

There is a test that rates the durability of gemstones called the Moh's Hardness Scale, and this shows that the aquamarine is even more durable than emeralds. It will resist damage like chipping and cracking provided that there are no blemishes either inside or on the outside of the stone. That means that your ring will hold up under pressure just as well as a topaz would.

One of the main advantages to choosing this gemstone is that it is not expensive. There are a wide range of beautiful and tasteful designs, including those with both diamonds and aquamarines. You are bound to find one in your price range while at the same time benefiting from the wide array of styles.

Aquamarine is great to cut and so there is not much chance of cleaving. It can be cut to suit any style and so is ideal for any setting.

There is no doubt as to it being gorgeous. Along with its beauty and durability, it is also just as refractive as an emerald, and only a fraction less so than that of a sapphire. As engagement rings they are the perfect alternative.

The value of the gemstone is based on the stone's quality. Along with that, the color and the cut of the stone also count. Interestingly, the actual karat of the gemstone is not very influential to the price. Those that are considered the best will boast a custom cut, and be a deep blue color with high clarity. Lighter ones with hints of green are great as engagement rings, but these don't rate as high.

Tips For Shopping Online

There are some important things to consider when shopping online for jewellery. Before you start you need to compare the prices of the items that you like in your local brick and mortar stores. Once you have done that, turn your attention to online retailers offering the same item, whether a gold necklace or aquamarine rings, or whatever it is you are purchasing, and compare these as well. And that is how you will find the best prices available on the best sites.

Caution should be exercised when buying things online, especially when it comes to jewellery. What you see on the screen and what you receive might not be the same thing. There are 2 possible reasons for this, namely that you didn't find out about the stats, or the site you purchased the item from didn't provide them. Be sure that the site you deal with offers online support, is registered, provides all info easily and clearly, and that you are fully aware of their policies as far as shipping, returns, and so on, are concerned. Online shopping is truly a good way to find the best deals without even having to leave your home.

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