Some Reasons The Frock Coat Has Stood The Test Of Time

By Paul Budde

Clothing styles have always run in trends. While some of those trends were phased out quickly, there are some styles that have lasted through the test of time. Many people today, especially men, still wear the old west 1800 to 1900's style frock coat. The frock style has lasted through many generations due to the versatility it provides.

Men wore clothing in old western days that suited their work while also providing warmth and comfort. Consider the kinds of garments you would have chosen for horseback rising, putting up fences, and herding cattle in all kinds of weather. Being able to move around comfortable while also being warm was one reason this style was chosen, especially the ones that were double breasted.

Pastors also wore these kinds of coats during the 1800's and early 1900's. Generally, suede leather or wool were used to make the coats, but cotton also became popular for warmer weather. The coats of this style today are still made using the same materials. Black leather has become a popular choice for the frock styles of today as well.

Most people today have seen the cowboy in the movies carrying long rifle. The men in the west during the 1800's did carry a gun most every place they went and for good reason. In some cases, a gun might cause unrest and fear, so wearing rifle frocks made it possible to conceal a gun with ease and comfort.

If you are a country music fan, you have most likely seen several musicians wearing this type of coat. You may have also seen the outfits men usually wear with these coats also. The pants worn should be straight leg styles while a vest is an absolute addition as well. Owning a few vests can allow you to have several outfits with the same coat.

The first frocks were worn by Charles II in the 1600's. He saw similar styles worn in robes by Polish delegates and had coats fashioned from that style. The coats of today have been altered with smaller cuffs, darker, less vibrant colors, and straighter skirting below the waistline. The colors today have been said to reflect the colors also used by the military.

If you visit yard sales or rummage sales, you might consider keeping an eye out for the older style frock coat. Many collectors would be willing to pay good money for the coats worn during the days of the old west. Choosing a style at the department store can also be fun when you are putting together a stylish outfit reminiscent of days gone by.

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