Top Ten Useful Guidelines On Formal Wear For Men

By Adam Cornish

Special events like proms and weddings can memorable, but some people avoid these occasions. Do not let your inexperience with dress clothes ruin a night of fun. Even men with little to no fashion sense can dress to impress by following a few basic formal wear guidelines.

When dressing up for an event, be devoted to the task. This means you should be completely dressed up from head to toe. No baseball caps, no goofy sunglasses, and no sneakers. You have plenty of other opportunity to wear these accessories, so take them off for that special event.

If you will be attending the event with a date, be sure to communicate with her prior to the event regarding your apparel. It can be fun to coordinate details of your outfits, including colors and patterns. Also, you do not want to be overdressed or under dressed.

Choose the colors you wear carefully. Generally speaking, opt for dark pants and a dark jacket. Black, dark blue, and sometimes even grey are great choices. Your shirt should be a lighter color that accents the color of your pants and jacket. Some pastels, like light blue, work wonderfully. When it doubt, stick with white. Just make sure your shirt is not transparent. You have a little more freedom with the color of your tie, but do not go overboard. Contrasting ties usually look the most impressive, but if you are unsure just loosely match it with your pants and jacket. If you have a date, consider picking a tie that matches the color of her dress.

Do not make those around your dizzy or nauseous by going crazy with patterns. With good reason, most men avoid patterns in their dress clothes because too many stripes of spots can look tacky. If you want to add a bit of flare, pick a patterned tie. Do not go too bizarre, though.

When it comes to formal wear simplicity is your friend. You can never go wrong with classical suits. Conversely, trendy clothing and accessories can look absolutely horrid if they are executed improperly. Some of them look bad even when worn correctly. You will not be embarrassed if you opt for a classic suit style.

Certain fashions go in and out of style, so talk to an expert to make sure you are not purchasing an outdated style. For example, baggy or cuffed pants are definitely two things to avoid. Pleated pants are also a bad idea because they make the wearer look a lot bigger than he is. If you cannot get assistance and are wondering about a particular suit, it is probably a good idea to just choose something else.

A good fit is essential when it comes to formal wear. Pant legs and sleeves should be tailored to fit your legs and arms. Do not feel like you have to have a custom suit made, though. You could find a great retail suit that mostly fits, and then have a tailor alter it to fit your form.

Nothing ruins a perfect suit like wrinkles or dirt. Always have your apparel cleaned and pressed prior to the big day. Having these services completed by a professional will help ensure quality results and eliminate the risk of permanent iron damages.

Always wear a nice belt and shoes with your formal clothing. These accessories should match each other and the rest of your attire. The safest choice for both is simple black leather without any extra ornamentation.

Feel free to personalize your formal wear by adding a few accessories. Cuff links, watches, and even jewelry are all fine accessories, as long as they are carefully selected. Opt for simple adornments that have the same color tones.

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