3 Food Based Theme Wedding Favors

By Bev Reilly

Theme #1: Chocolate theme wedding favors

Really should you've got white chocolate or dark chocolate wedding favors? Maybe a combination of each milk and dark chocolate almond would be a good concept? Or maybe select a combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate in a single wedding favor.

The very best concept is always to have one particular flavor of chocolate for the wedding favors. The additional flavors you've, the additional expensive the favors will develop into. You will likely already have a chocolate fountain, so you can than choose a distinct flavor of chocolate for the fountain Subsequent you must make a decision on the design and style on the chocolate wedding favor.

You might opt for chocolate cookies on a stick, covered chocolate hearts, chocolate m&m's, chocolate mints, plain chocolate bars or get very extravagant and have little chocolate swans or chocolate basket wedding favors. Actually, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the style and style of your chocolate wedding favor.

But what is absolutely necessary to complete your chocolate wedding favors is the personalization on them. You have to have the bride and groom's name and date with the wedding on the item, a sweet saying or at least a thank you on the chocolate wedding favor. These are very tasteful when written in an alternating chocolate on the wedding favor itself. However, this type of personalization can be extra costly than a packaging on the outside which says "thank you for joining us on our special day." Either way you opt for, a chocolate wedding favor is a hit at anyone's wedding.

Theme #2: Cookie theme wedding favor

Cookie theme wedding favour is the second option available for a bridal couple to look for their guests. Most couples want something that represents their wedding day and at the same, used as a nice token of their appreciation for the love and support of their wedding guests. Opting custom wedding cookie favors is a great choice for the wedding couple. The cookies can add nice d|cor to the wedding reception and the delicious treat well be appreciated by the wedding guests.

Custom wedding cookie favors is a geometric cookie such as a rectangle, diamond, or heart shape to be frosted and decorated with the monogram or bridal couples' names is a very popular choice among couples. The cookie can be frosted with the colors of your wedding and can have other decorations such as hearts and bells or the cookie can be stylishly designed with the monogram. The cookies are often come from a butter cookie recipe but can be modified into various flavorings. Each cookie is wrapped in plastic wrappings and tied with a decorative ribbon. This tasty treat will be a nice finish to the wedding day.

Wedding cake cookies are another nice style for wedding cookie favors. The cake cookie can be frosted to look like the wedding cake. It will give the guest the chance to take a piece with the wedding cake home with them. These cookies are wonderful for the wedding favors and also will be excellent to freeze for the first anniversary celebration along with the wedding cake top. It will help to bring back nice memories with the wedding day when the cookies are brought out a year later.

Another nice cookie design for wedding cookie favors are tuxedo and bridal gown cookies. These cookies are cut in the shape of a wedding tuxedo or a bridal dress and are decorated respectively. This is an adorable style that will be well liked by all the guests. A superb addition to these cookies will be to put a tux and gown together and have a label with the couple's new married name of Mr. and Mrs. to imply their wedding union.

Fortune cookies will be a great choice for wedding cookie favors. These cookies can be decorated with toppings of frosting and wrapped with the rest on the cookies. The fortunes in the cookies can be suitable fortunes for a wedding reception and will bring a lot of fun and conversation to the party. Whether the couple opts the fortune cookie or another style wedding cookie favors, it will be a great treat for everyone.

Theme #3: Edible theme wedding favor

Wedding favors are a pleasant way of giving a small thank you to wedding guests and providing a small memento in the special occasion. One particular great notion is choosing an edible wedding favors. Edible wedding favors gives you the chance to provide the traditional wedding favor and also giving a little treat to end the day. It is also a fun way to express something from the couple or a cute way to say something about their feelings for a single another.

Homemade candy and mints for wedding favors are widely reminiscent and this traditional concept is still a great edible wedding favor thought to date. Several companies come out with specially designed or customised candies and mints suited for edible wedding favors. Bite sized candy or mints are available in cute pocket size tins with the bride and grooms name and wedding date on the tin. This thought can be practical as once the treat is eaten, the tin can be used for storing other small items. A cheap but fun idea is to have conversational hearts as the candy favor. These fun candies have cute wedding statements that are entertaining for the guests to read and share with each other.

Other candy and mint edible wedding favors can include small boxes of truffles, monogrammed petit fours, personalized life savers, or personalized chocolate candy bars. A wide variety of unique candy and mint ideas are available for wedding favors and it suitable for a wedding couple that has a certain kind of candy that they specially flavour. It also served as a way to incorporate that treat into an edible wedding favor.

Some companies offer edible wedding favors in the form of coffee or tea. Special concoctions of coffee or a favorite tea can be packaged in special wedding logo that tells the bridal couple's came and the wedding date. For a unique blend, the option of having a special cappuccino or hot chocolate blend can be incorporated into the wedding theme. These edible wedding favors will definite bring smiles to all the wedding guests.

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