A Few Things To Know Concerning The Swiss Quartz Movement In Timepieces

By Chris Watdefton

Many people of both sexes in many countries of the world have grown accustomed to wearing wristwatches such that they could rarely go out without wearing them. While wristwatches are considered part of the dressing in many societies, their functional use is for them to keep the time. Interestingly, despite the fact that watches are made in many countries, the ones that have the most publicity are those that have the Swiss Quartz Movement.

The movement of a watch is the type of mechanics with which a watch keeps time. This might be mechanical like in the chronographs of old that make use of many tiny gears and springs or it could be generated with an electrical charge in natural occurring or in artificial quartz.

The major difference between the mechanical watch and a watch using quartz technology is the simplicity. A mechanical watch needs to be winded at regular intervals to harness power into the spring that keeps time. In fact, you are expected to wind it once in thirty-six hours and you may choose to wind your own on a daily basis.

This product on the other hand keeps time with the regular pulses generated by the crystal. The technology is very simple in that, when the crystal becomes exposed to an electrical charge, it gives of oscillations that are very regular in time. The oscillations in turn generate pulses that move the hands on the watch to keep to perfect time.

An interesting point to note is that the mechanical technology of keeping time is many centuries old, yet, it being threatened by the crystal technology which is just about forty years old. The reason for this trend is that many people love the fact that you do not have to spend your time on rewinding a watch just to keep to time. In fact, the only thing that can stop the crystal from working is a dead battery.

Notwithstanding, some people still hold the mechanical chronographs in high regard over its modern alternative. The reason why some people make this choice is that such watches are gradually disappearing and could become valuable as collectibles in the future. More so, you will have to credit the craftsmanship that is responsible for making such delicate parts.

People who wear the watches that use the modern crystal technology can ensure the longevity of their timepiece by being mindful of the battery. Without a charged battery, the crystal will not be able to pulsate or even oscillate. In fact, it is recommended that you replace the battery in intervals of two years even if you feel that the battery is still strong. This will ensure that your watch is always reliable.

Interestingly, not all watches can bear the label of using Swiss Quartz Movement. For the watch to bear such a label, it is expected that at least half of its components need to be made, assembled and inspected in Switzerland. This will ensure that it is made to follow the highest standards in watch making technology that is unparalleled in another city in the world.

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