Accessorizing With Prom Jewelry Sets

By Ashlee Zilnicki

On a special night, why select prom jewelry sets other than what is meant for your particular ensemble. Similar to selecting an outfit, jewelry sets may seem identical but no two people will wear them the same. Because of this, it is important to select accessories based on your personality, preference as well as the occasion.

Diamonds and pearls offer the greatest variety. Typically worn in formal settings such as a black-tie affair they also fit well in semi-formal events such as pageants or a sweet sixteen party. It is best to buy this type of accessories in a complete necklace and earrings set. For example, pageant dresses are usually covered in jewels and gems. A set that does not match the dress will definitely stand out in a negative light.

A person can find beautiful sets, especially crystals, on any budget but it does require work to keep it that way. Even though they require low maintenance, periodically cleaning prom and sweet sixteen jewelry helps to retain the luster. Cleaning its setting also help to keep them sparkling and extends the longevity of their lives.

Some sets require more thought when finding a matching ensemble. For example, a silver diamond and pearl set that is commonly called a bridal set is not restricted to brides. This ensemble of pageant jewelry or sweet sixteen jewelry also works for a night on the town in a little black dress or with something more formal such as a flawless white gown.

Many times, an accessory set is given a particular name but it can be used for more than one purpose. For example, bridal accessories are usually a combination of crystals, pearls, gems and diamonds. Made for semi-formal and formal events, mix and matching the pieces will result in the perfect look.

Enjoy mix and matching while accessory shopping. Adding a bangle, bracelet, a ring or anklet to the se helps bring attention to freshly manicured hands. They also help to slenderize and lengthen the arm.

Shopping is a time for exploration. Available at an inexpensive price and nearly everywhere, searching for prom jewelry sets provides a rewarding experience. The shopper has the opportunity to explore styles that may not ordinarily catch their attention.

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