Be Creative With Hair Color Chalk

By Lenore Bolton

The fashion world is always dynamic and there's always something new. It doesn't matter if it's clothes, accessories or makeup, there's always some kind of "new hype". Hair coloring is no exception to this. It is done by a lot of women and for many different reasons. Some ladies dye their locks in order to hide their grey strands. Other women are not happy with their natural shade or are simply looking for a change. A new and great way to get the look you want is with hair color chalk.

Many women land up with a shade they do not like, and once applied, dye does not simply wash out. That is why temporary coloring is the way to go. It is easier to apply than normal dye and washes off quickly. Sprays used to be one of the most popular ways of achieving different colors that could simply wash out. Their greatest feat was how easy they were to apply, within minutes you could have a super new look.

There are a lot of ways in which temporary coloring can be used. You can dye only a part of your hair in a certain shade for different effects. By using different colors, you can achieve numerous styles. The ideas are endless, you can add only one color, or opt for something truly crazy and make a rainbow. Whatever your fancy, it all works.

In this direction, the newest technique of temporary coloring is chalk. A relatively new product on the market, they allow temporary coloring on any type of hair and can be applied fast and easy. A lot of magazines advertise this new way of coloring and there are even some dedicated companies.

The biggest advantage of this great new product is that it will not damage your locks in the way that normal dye does. The other benefit is that the coloring lasts only a day and can be washed out really easily. So if you're not content with the outcome, you can remove it with a single wash.

The types of chalks on the market vary. You will find soft pastels as well as oil pastels. Specialists in the field advise the use of softer chalks, as they are easier to work with. Also, if the natural shade is light, blonde for example, there's no need for the hair to be wet before applying the chalk, for darker colors it is advisable to wet the part of the hair that is going to be colored. This helps the color become brighter and easier to see.

On the down side, this type of coloring can easily stain your clothes. However, that's not a big issue, since wearing clothes with a tone similar to the dye helps to hide this problem completely without any worries. Of course rain can wash the product out in no time, but with effective planning that should not be a concern either.

Hair color chalk is definitely the new thing in town. Some people literary love them, others dislike them a lot. The simplicity with which the product can be used opens up a lot of possibilities for hair coloring enthusiasts, and that's where most of its success comes from. Give them a try and create a funky new look for every day.

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