Bow Ties - The Gauge To Understand Men's Personality

By Nick Todd

If we will evaluate each and every man's accessory there is nothing more exciting as to what bow ties entail. Actually it does not only divulge the different personality of those who wear it, but also the way it affects their personal outlook in life.

To begin with, when it became popular in the 18th century it was known to be used by men belonging to the higher society with social refinement. Therefore, it demonstrates the excellent taste of the person when it comes to choosing his clothing. He's aware that bow ties lead him to stand out among the rest thus earning the respect from others.

Simply by noticing those who frequently uses bow ties with their attire they typically composed of men that possess prominent professions. They are attorneys, doctors, accountants as well as university professors to mention a few.

Further, we all know what famous men like Winston Churchill, Karl Marx, Abraham Lincoln and even Charlie Chaplin have in common. Definitely it was their bow ties. And these notable men were all successful in their own field. Consequently, it can be assumed that these men are more concern with their individuality yet in their subtle way they made a big fashion statement for the other men to emulate.

During the 20th century bow ties have seen a downtrend and those wearing it were deemed as nerds. Nevertheless there are those who continually use it with their tux and even with their suit. These are the type of men who are confident of their status in life. They don't care much about the views of others but more about how good they feel while wearing it.

Eventually at the turn of the century bow ties made a great comeback and reinvented itself in the world of fashion. Once more its popularity started to increase and men used it not only with their formal wear but also with their cardigans as well as vest coupled with a button up shirts. At the same time, the attractiveness of bow ties have also been noticed by women that some of them use it to accessorize their business wear. Most probably it just goes to show that in the corporate environment all women and men are equal.

The colour of bow ties has also varied from the usual basic to vivid colours. Even the prints made a big switch from plain to printed types like stripes, polka dots and other more unique designs. Nowadays there are in fact no more restrictions on the designs a bow ties may carry and fashionable men uses it depending on their moods and preferences.

Bow ties absolutely perform a vital part on man's apparel. It does not only improve the appearance of their looks but also echoes their own personality. Though there are still a few men that have hesitation of wearing it, those that are brilliant, confident, successful and most of all have excellent taste with fashion actually are proud to use it constantly. It all depends on what type of man you are in.

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