I Was So Pleased To Find The Best Eye Glasses Plano Had To Offer

By Clifford P. Ibarra

I had been wearing the same pair of glasses for ages, but I finally grew weary of the tons of tiny scratches on the lenses, so I had to search for the best eye glasses Plano could offer. The scratches didn't just appear overnight, but over the years, I started noticing the scratches when I was driving at night and there was a lot of light shining at me from all different directions and it became difficult to see with all of them.

I tried to just ignore these scratches, but I was concerned that the scratches would make my eyesight worse, or put me in danger while driving, so I decided to look for some new glasses. The issue was that I had just moved to Plano, and I didn't have the faintest idea about where to look for the kind of eye glasses Plano residents could rely on. I was in such a rush, that rather than ask my friends or co-workers if they had any suggestions, I decided to take my dilemma to the Internet.

I was really happy that I did, because I was able to look over some reviews of what other people thought of the eye doctors and what their experiences were with them. After spending some time whittling down the different options, I felt like I had found someone who not only was nearby, but also reliable and had a solid reputation for doing eye exams and making new glasses.

I called them and scheduled an appointment, and as soon as I arrived, I could tell that this was certainly the best eye doctor Plano could offer, because the staff was wonderful and everyone was incredibly helpful. The exam went flawlessly and I was even a little surprised when I found out that my new prescription was going to be a little less mild than the last one. Recalling my ordeal with all of the scratches on my glasses, I chose some of the most durable lenses which my doctor was eager to show me.

I found that these lenses, as well as the frames, were affordable and when I walked away with new glasses, I felt calm and very confident about the way I looked. As I was getting into my car, the sun hit me at the right angle, and I automatically moved my head so as not to let the light hit my scratches, but then I remembered that I had new glasses without scratches, courtesy of a great, reliable, professional eye doctor.

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