Make Your Own Funny T Shirt Transfers

By Justin Beir

Funny t shirt transfers are almost always sure to tickle your funny bone if you come across one. Instead of having boring designs that don't really make sense for a shirt, it would be cooler to go around town dressed with your funny sayings tees or funny t shirt transfers. It is quickly gaining popularity in the fashion scene and the great thing is everybody would look cool with the on. Although you can almost certainly buy one in any retail store, it would be even better if you can print your very own custom designs for your funny t shirt transfers. If you are hesitant about and if you think that you can't do it since it seems hard, it is actually easy to do.

When thinking of making your own funny t shirt transfers or funny sayings tees, you might instantly think of screen printing your designs. It's actually a lot simpler than that. The method in creating funny t shirt designs is called heat transfer method. This is a method that is different from screen printing and it is much simpler. With screen printing your funny sayings tees, you will need a lot of materials and you have to do everything manually. You will need to be careful with painting over your designs on your tees. With heat transfer method, all you need is a special transfer paper, a computer and a printer, and you can use any flat iron to transfer the design from paper to your shirts.

First thing you need to do is to come up with the design that you will be printing on your shirt. If you lack the creative input that you need to come up with your design, you can choose to just type in funny one-liners to come up with funny sayings tees. You can also search for images online that you can edit a little to fit to the design you want for your shirt. Once you've edited your design with any image editing software, you are now ready to print it on to a heat transfer paper. Before you print it though, don't forget to flip it horizontally to make sure that the finished design on your shirt would look right.

You will need to iron over the paper to your shirt for a few minutes before you can safely peel off the paper. This ensures that the transfer will be perfectly placed. When you get the hang of doing your very own funny t shirt transfers, you can go on doing your very own designs. You can use any illustrator or image editing software for this. This would be a great thing since you would be using funny t shirt transfers with designs that nobody else has. You can even take this hobby to the next level by investing on heat transfer machines and turning it into a lucrative business.

Funny t shirt transfers are fun shirts that are easy to do. The best thing about it is you can eve make a fair amount of money if you turn it into a lucrative business. If making funny t shirt transfers seems like a great business idea for you that you would go for, you need to research on the things that you need to do to make sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to funny t shirt transfers.

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