Rampage Scrubs Choices,

By Sebastian Cork

Rampage is a leading player when it comes to producing and manufacturing different kinds of clothes and apparel mostly for women. The brand is well-known internationally for women's tops. Accordingly, they also have recently joined the nursing and medical scrubs industry, hence, the product line of Rampage scrubs. Today, Rampage caters for the needs of medical workers and professionals by producing not just high quality scrubs, but also reliable and comfortable ones. Scrubs, in the simplest description, refer to those uniforms mostly used by people working in any field that is related to medical services. This includes nurses, utility workers, nursing assistants, laboratory technicians, veterinarians, and more. The typical scrub is designed specifically for handling pressure, stains, wear and tear, and other things a medical professional normally encounters at work every single day.

However, even though the old and traditional scrubs are very reliable, the main difference to the nursing uniforms today is that the latter has more sense of fashion and style, with the retention of the reliability. This means that traditional scrubs were mostly white with almost zero style and design. But the good news is that with all the companies going with the trend of supplying the increasing demand of fashionable and innovative scrubs, there is now a growing list of products that includes nursing scrubs with different designs, colors, and cuts. One of them is Rampage scrubs.

Rampage Satin Trim - It's a nursing scrub top from Rampage that comes equipped with a very smooth and lustrous design. When your emphasis is getting both reliability and high sense of style in one set of scrubs, this one is certainly a good choice. It contains a feminine look but a very interesting one, highlighted by a front and back princess seams with a shirt tail hem combined with side slits. Additionally, there is also the addition of a satin trim combined with a y-neckline design, in which the very purpose is to make it more comfortable and well-ventilated for women. And finally, you'd expect better use with two double patch pockets.

Rampage Chill V-Neck - Next in line is a rather inventive type of scrub top that dons a modern silhouette design. The Chill V-Neck variety has a contrasting piped trim placed in the mock-wrap style neckline. The designers placed a sleeve and vented hem and the fitted back contributes to a more comfortable feel with a unique shape.

Rib Trim Crossover - finally, the rib trim crossover scrub top from Rampage is best known for its rib-knit trimmed crossover neckline. Additionally, the rib-knit provides some more comfort for anyone looking for better movement. The scrub is made using fine fabric material with emphasis on high quality. With double needle stitching, it's something you can rely on when it comes to longevity and durability.

The brand's manufacturing principle says that "fashion that works with you." This greatly expresses Rampage's inclination towards offering customers a nice line of medical apparel and clothing that can guarantee them of not just the old reliable quality of scrubs, but also some added style in each variety, mainly for the purpose of making medical professionals look more attractive, fresh, and fashionable even while at work.

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