Searching For The Right Men's Shirt That Fits Perfectly For You

By Carol Baker

One of the secrets to a well-dressed guy is that he has a nice dress shirt. Like suits, mens shirts can be used for countless events and places. Mens shirts are just as well suited for casual strolling since they are for formal dinners. Like several post of clothing ever created, there are some gaffes you can easily make when buying mens shirts. You might find an ill-fitting dress shirt or one that has an unpleasant color. The style might be wrong for your body type. Nearly all dress shirts look the same as the uninitiated, but to simply pick one from your shelf willy-nilly would be a mistake.

Here are some things you should consider before buying mens shirts.

1) Look at your size. Dress shirts usually fall under three categories: athletic, regular, and full. Athletic mens shirts have wider chests and narrow waists while common shirts are looser. Full dress shirts are the loosest of all and therefore are well suited for larger men. Look at your chest size. Check the tag for the neck size as well as the sleeve length. Evaluate yourself first if you're unsure what size to purchase. You don't want to look as if you're choking on your shirt and you don't want to look as if you're sinking in it as well.

2) Pick the type of cloth you want. Cotton is considered the most comfy and multipurpose so it's best to probably stick with that. Linen is also a comfy choice, but if it's cold, you might want to think about a wool or Oxford shirt. Broad-cloths, silks, and satins (as well as linens) are more desirable for formal events

3) Choose a color that fits your environment and/or displays your style. If you're at work (or in every other business-related situation), it's best to go for safer, more old-fashioned colors. Lighter colors such as white, light blue, and soft grays are the most work-safe. Nonetheless, it's okay to take risks, as well. If you think you can accomplish it, try wearing brighter plus more vivid colors. Remember that it shouldn't look garish or silly. Pair brilliant mens shirts with traditional jeans or suits to help make the color pop yet still be attractive. Don't forget to make sure the color matches your complexion.

4) Check the sleeve cuffs. Fancy French and barrel cuffs are more appropriate for formal affairs; you'll look overdressed if you show up at work wearing shirts with these kinds of cuffs.

5) Choose what kind of collar you want. Some collars are narrow and point to the ground while others are wider and point sideways. The angle and width of the collar will also help determine if you need a tie or not. Ties go well with angled collars but not with straight ones.

Always put on the shirt(s) you wish to buy. Check if the sleeves don't elevate your arm if you move your arm, or if the chest or neck (or waistline) is too tight. Even though some dress shirts fit more firmly than the others, still it shouldn't be too tight. Select the type of dress shirt that makes you most comfortable and confident. Have fun!

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