Showing Off Your Passion With Your Hunting T-Shirt

By Clinton Bendis

No one understands you, do they? They don't understand why you go out at 4:00am in the freezing cold, sit in a tree, and wait for that one perfect shot. They don't understand why you feel the need to do this act that they believe is ridiculous. They don't know why you wear hunting t-shirts during the off season, and they definitely don't know why you have a fascination with camouflage.

Hunters are used to this and the scorn rolls off of us like water from a duck's back. People are going to judge you if they know you are an active hunter, and that's not okay. The judgment people pass on hunters these days is as disgusting as these people feel about what hunters do. What they don't know, or care to learn, is that hunting is needed these days more than ever.

When a hunter is wearing their hunting t-shirts, camo, or hunting gear we are doing the same exact thing anyone else does when they show off the things they love. People wear clothes all the time that reflect their favorite hobbies and sports teams. Those people are never judged for the clothes they wear, and neither should we be judged.

People refuse to believe that what we do is necessary for the environment. Human hunters fill a niche that has been vacated by decreasing numbers in the predator populations. This just naturally happens when urban environments spread out into the rural country side. If deer were left to run wild and breed without restraint, the food sources for them would be stripped bare within just two years. A deer slain by a bullet is much better than one slain by hunger. What hunters do is part of a tradition of nature that spans hundreds of years.

The hunter has a duel job to perform if they wish to keep their freedoms secure. Hunters must do what they love to do, which is hunt. Hunters must also teach people every day why what they do is so important. The stares you get is a way to draw attention to the topic and engage the ignorant in conversation. Put on your hunting t-shirt, spread the good word, and make people understand that what we do is not about the murder of innocent animals, but in maintaining a tradition of honoring nature

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