The Art Of Choosing Kentucky Derby Hats

By Jessie Uresti

Anyone who is planning to participate in the race season knows that the choice of kentucky derby hats is essential to the perfect outfit. You can go traditional with a victorian hat, or you can simply be the trendsetter and break out in your signature style. Here are some tips designed to help you get this accessory just right.

Keep in mind that these accessories are difficult to find so start your search ahead of the appointed day. This will give you enough time to go over a multitude of options. Since there are fewer shoppers, then you know what you will have your pick from the lot.

There are those that believe the outfit should be chosen first while others recommend finding the accessories first. The advantage to choosing the outfit is you know what your accessories should look like. However, if you leave the accessories for last, there is also a chance that you might not find the one you want due to the high demand.

Try these accessories on for size and decide if it looks good on you. If the bigger brims are not complimentary, there are always mini top hats or fascinators for a unique look. Do not be afraid to try on different styles so you can find the one that best suits your face, figure and outfit.

Aside from overloading oneself with many trimmings for this headpiece, there is also another way that you can stand out. Choosing a unique or bright color will definitely make it easy to spot you in the crowd. Just make sure the color you choose works with the shade of your outfit.

If you have exhausted your local and online options and you still have not found the right accessory, consider customizations. Designers can actually make this accessories based on your specifications. You may end up having to pay more but this can certainly be more convenient.

The cost can be around a hundred dollars but it can go up to outrageous sums. You can go to a number of shops to see what kind of items they have in stock and to note the prices of these items. If you are willing to spend a large sum for the perfect outfit, then the cost is not a concern.

The choice of kentucky derby hats will certainly not be easy for anyone. You will have to consider the design and the color, and ensure that these elements matches your outfit. Do your shopping weeks or months ahead of the event so you have sufficient time to go through your options.

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