The Different Types Of Mommy Necklaces

By Marla Swanson

Mommy necklaces can make for a great gift for any mom or mom-to-be. These necklaces are great way for a woman to show off her loving brood. There are so many choices available from various dealers that the odds of finding the perfect one are in your favor. Here are some of the most popular styles preferred by moms today.

Birthstone jewelry is a classic staple of the mommy jewelry collection. These colorful gems can be used in so many ways, including as the main charm, as an accent charm to others, or placed inside other charms. When designing their piece, many customers will opt to add the parents' birthstones as well. This creates a necklace that pays tribute to an entire family unit.

Picture jewelry is quickly growing in popularity. The images are reproduced onto various pieces of jewelry using photo etching. The pictures are typically etched onto dog tags, lockets, or a solid circle charm. These necklaces double in purpose for mommies as both jewelry and a brag book. The only negative of this type is that new pieces of jewelry would have to be purchased periodically in order for the photo to remain current.

Hand stamped jewelry pieces are becoming increasingly popular because of their personalization choices. These unique necklaces are created by stamping into a metal piece, typically a solid circle or thick hoop. These metal pieces are then displayed on a chain either alone, layered, or with other charms. This kind of jewelry is usually not carried in corporate stores, but instead found in small business shops and online.

Initials are always a simple, yet popular, choice for representing your children. Many companies sell beautiful pieces that feature either one initial or a small grouping. Birthstones can usually be added to the initials as well, giving it a more colorful and personable look. Usually these types of charms are small enough that they are easily transferred onto other pieces of jewelry, like bracelets.

Charm jewelry can contain many of the elements already mentioned above. True charm necklaces will also contain less obvious tributes to children. For example, many moms will choose to add charms that represent their child's favorite activity, instead of a name or initial. This shows a little more depth into who the child is. These charms can be strung on the chain or kept in a see-through locket.

Thumbprints and jewelry are not often thought of together, but that is exactly what modern moms are choosing to create in honor of their little ones. These necklaces are made by transferring the child's thumbprint onto a solid metal circle. That metal charm is then strung on whatever chain the consumer picks. The metal charm also has many options for color and choice of metal material. This is a subtle way to carry a piece of your child close to your heart.

Mommy necklaces provide a way for mothers to keep their children close to their hearts in a unique way. Almost all of these options allow for personalization, making these pieces one of kind, just like the child they are honoring. All of there types of necklaces can be found in stores and various places online.

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