Things To Know On Mens Leather And Silver Bracelets

By Celia Hall

Mens leather and silver bracelets have never gone out of style and are still used until today. There are many forms and style variations of this dominantly male accessory. The band can be thin or wide, or it can also be plain or with added embellishments such as a silver coin or beads.

There is also a big diversity in the backgrounds of the users of this accessory. Some had similarities but others does not have any thing in common. This was and still used by Indians, who have been using animal skin as clothing. These group is also using leather as the main materials for their bags, water containers, and tepees.

This is also favored by surfer dudes. Even the hippies also use this material to add to the outfit. There was also a time when animal skin was in fashion. However, the use of real animal skin has taken a blow since the growing awareness of animal cruelty to make it.

The bracelets today are usually made from fake animal body covering. However, there are still manufacturers that use real animal body covering for their products. Most of this are expensive, though, because of the process that it goes through. The bracelets worn today is often used to communicate a statement. It is also utilized to secure an identification tag. There are also styles of watches that use leather as their wristbands.

The jewelry made from this material comes in different forms and types. Among the most popular are bands and cuffs. The bands may also be plain or braided thin strips. The cuff design usually have snaps for securing the piece unto the wrist or arm. The metal snaps are either plain or with a design.

Two ways of securing the braided design of the wrist bands are with the use of a thin metal snap. The ends can also be tied together to secure the piece to the wrist. Additional design usually comes in the central piece made of alloy, beads, or stones with contrasting color from the bracelet.

The use of jewelry created from this kind of material has proven its versatility in terms of fashion sense. One single piece fits different styles and types of personality. The punk and gothic types often choose black and thick designs. The embellishments used are usually spikes and made of metal.

Other wearers that does not prefer the dark fashion sense uses animal skin bracelets that has the platinum, gold, and silver embellishments in dainty designs. Mostly, the charms are used as dangles. There are also designs that use the metals to thread through the braids or the band itself for added design.

The smell problem of wristbands created from animal skin can be challenging. It is often caused by sweat and dirt that it has absorbed. One way to prevent this is to remove the jewelry before showering, hand washing, and exercising to prevent it from absorbing the wetness and moisture. There are also protector sprays that can be applied to mens leather and silver bracelets to maintain their appearance.

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