Tips In Ordering The Perfect Uniform For Your Employees

By Katherine Wong

Conceptualizing a company uniform is a huge project, hence it shouldn't be done in haste. It rather necessitates time, planning, and good collaboration among the project leaders, employees, and dressmakers.

Working with the tailor or the in-house designer begins with a consultation wherein things like the nature of the business and the employees type of works will be discussed. When everything turns out really well during the consultation, the next thing you should do is seek unique design sketches and sample garments that suit the company's clothing requirements and targeted branding.

Also, don't forget to inform the employees about the possible implementation of a company uniform so that you know what they think about this matter. Engaging the employees in choosing clothing styles is recommended so project leaders can gather opinions and do the necessary adjustments. One way to achieve this is by advising a few chosen employees to wear the sample uniforms at work and assess their comfort, fit, and durability.

As the project leader, you are responsible for scheduling a period on which the tailor can take the employees' body measurements. Unless the budget does not permit, avoid choosing ready-to-wear sizing systems. After all, the only way to achieve maximum comfort is to ensure that the uniform fits perfectly in every individual's body.

Purchasing work uniforms call for a compromise between cost and quality. The clothes should be very durable that they can tolerate several months or years of daily use.

Washing machine-friendliness should also be a concern. The fabrics should tolerate stains, strenuous movements, and constant washing and ironing.

If the implementation of wearing uniform is immediate, you should also consider hiring the services of bigger tailor shops that can deliver high-volume orders on time.

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