Wearing Cool Gun Shirts Is About Honoring History

By Simon Mills

When I go out and about, I always see someone wearing cool gun tees. These shirts always range from your typical fist-pumping over gun ownership to others that are about hunting, politics, or even religion. The concept of gun ownership stretches over many topics of discussions, and the shirts represent that. Ever shirt I see, however, reminds me of an important history lesson: we wouldn't be here without guns.

There are a hundred great gun t-shirts out there that feature George Washington. He was a man who said many great things about gun ownership, and it's made for lots of inspiration for shirt makers. There strongest message Washington ever sent, though, is that we would not have won our revolution without guns.

Guns have been the cause of great hardship too, and the American Civil War was one of them. As bloody and terrible as it was, I appreciate the historical gun tee shirts that feature Civil War imagery. It was a war that had to happen for America to move on to new stages. State independence vs. governmental regulation had to be determined, even if by the barrel of a gun.

For every time this country has ventured out into the world to defend the edicts of democracy, it has been with a firearm in our hand. A great man once said that we should walk softly, and carry a big stick. War in inevitable, as long as the world is populated with leaders who would hurt innocents for personal gain. That's why I respect every one of the awesome gun shirts I see that honor the men who fought these wars.

When you buy and wear cool gun tee shirts, you are not just advocating the use of guns by private citizens in America. Firearms are so entwined with this country's development, that you are also supporting the history and hardship this country has endured to become the great superpower it is today. Americans are unique in the world, and because of that we have risen to great heights.

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