Why She Didn't Call You Back

By Brad Chase

You may have felt it. The girl is just perfect and good for you. You thought what you had was an amazing first date but when you leaver her a message you never get a call back. You've been staring at your phone too much and of course you're disappointed.

What went wrong here? Was your first date not as memorable and exciting as you imagined it was? If your date isn't calling you back here are the most common reasons.

Why Isn't She Calling?

Think About Your Appearance- Tattered jeans and ruffled hair might have seemed like a cool idea but perhaps she expected a little more effort. Some dates call for a suit - the opera or theatre for instance - but other than that you should at least consider a nice pair of chinos and a wrinkle-free dress shirt.

Wonderfully Fragrant- When it comes to attraction, women are quick to notice certain details. The way you smell is a very important detail for your physical appearance. Not just cleanliness but cologne. Just don't use it like you would use a body wash. Cologne should be detectable yet subtle and not overpowering. You should always wear deodorant that doesn't clash with the cologne and remember to brush your teeth. These key components can keep her staying around.

She Wasn't That Interested- You may have made the effort to wear a navy pin stripe suit and liked her right away but perhaps she doesn't feel the same way. Do you remember having a real conversation? Was she showing real interest? If not, she probably wasn't that into you. She may have just wanted a fun night out.

Constantly On the Phone- Everyone has cell phones to keep in touch with people. Most people would feel lost without their cell phones and it seems like oxygen. However, if you have taken the time to put on a suit, or even a nice pair of chinos, and are on a date with a beautiful woman, you should put away the phone. Being on the phone means you aren't paying attention to her which means no second date for you.

Talking About Yourself- Of course everyone asks some questions and talks some on first dates. You can go ahead and discuss your family. After this though, you need to be quiet and let her do the talking. If she seems shy ask questions. A return phone call will be out of the question if you look like a narcissistic man.

Wondering why she didn't call you back? Well now you know the reasons. Next time, watch what you are wearing, saying, and doing if you want a first date to turn into a second.

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