Covering the spectrum-decorating for artists

Flipping through my latest ID magazine, I happened upon a spread about a benefit charity dinner for the American Patrons of Tate. Talk about eye candy!
David Stark, the event designer, needed to find a hook to amuse and entertain an eclectic mix of movers and shakers, including some rather high and mighty artist types. He created tall steel frames that undulated above the rows of dinner tables. 15,000 paint strips were strung together to form curtains which hung from the armature. The color scheme is based on the Tate Museum's signature colors, while the underlying theme pays homage to painting in general.

Here are some other shots of the party design- I thought everything was so pretty. I just love this color combination, it's so fresh and lively. What a great synthesis of marketing and interior design for color.

Orange paint strips drew attention to the main stage area
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via ID Magazine