Reader Dilemma-"notice me!" buttons

This week's dilemma has a marketing/branding slant. Our reader dilemma comes from Maryam in Marrakesh, Morocco.
My blog name is My Marrakesh and the blog is about Morocco as well as travel elsewhere. It's a travel and lifestyle blog with stories about our building a house and guest house in Marrakesh. I am trying to decide between these two [blog link] buttons. The feather is a reference to my love of peacocks (there are 9 in my garden) and the guest house we are building is Peacock Pavilions.
For some reason lately, I have been very drawn to hot pinks and rosy pinks. I feel like the color is just super charged, playful and downright fun. But I needed a little Marrakesh red in there, too. I think the pink one is more eye catching and might get noticed more in a sea of blog buttons.
The cream and red button is more in keeping with the colors of my current blog - red and golden sand colors are the colors I think of for Marrakesh. [It's] more elegant. I think it is more classic and restful, but not sure it will get noticed. Also worried it might look a little staid. Please help!

To give you a better feel for Maryam's blog, here is her header:
and her blog color scheme:
Both buttons, designed by Jan at Poppy, are fantastic-great job! Here's my two cents:
I think the cream and red button is certainly more in keeping with the branded look. But I find it hard to read, as the text and the feather are the same value. If you squint at it, they look the same. Another way to check the contrast on a design is to get rid of the color altogether. See what I mean?
So, while I agree that the pink button is definitely more eye-catching, it doesn't match with the rest of the blog, and would seem out of place if it were to be placed in the actual site it's linking to. I would take elements of the pink button, like the great contrast, and apply what you like about that button to the cream/red button. Maybe reverse out the type on a red background?

I don't think it needs to be crowded by the entire URL beneath. I saw a beautiful greeting card on Pigtown*Design's blog, and thought of this button project. I like all the breathing room allotted. I know blog buttons are tiny, and you have to fit a really long blog title into an itsy square, but I'd like to see more negative space.
image source

So, that would be my advice. I tried not to be so long-winded this time, as I'd really like to hear what you all think. Which button do you think works better? How would you handle the "notice me" factor?

Buttons designed by Jan at Poppy