Reader dilemma Part III-embracing natural "inconveniences"

A "p.s." from our first reader submission caught my eye:
BTW, I would never decorate using the colours in my entry since it wouldn't be practical in Israel. There is an incredible amount of dust in the air and things tend to get dirty very quickly. Those light colours, though very soothing, would mean running around trying to keep everything clean - not for me!
Instead of fighting against the dust in the air, and blocking the incorporation of your color scheme into the entry way, try to think about how to embrace it. Example: think about UPS trucks-the brown color was originally chosen as a practical way to hide road dirt.
image source

There is a German architectural colourist, Friedrich von Garnier, who created these amazing surfaces on the exterior of buildings that incorporate the inevitable "aging" that any structure will eventually go through. This way, no cosmetic retouching was needed. I wrote about some of his other projects here. I looked and looked, but couldn't find any pictures to show you examples of this specific treatment.

But think about this: what about painting in a variety of natural tones that are similar to the color of the dust itself? To take it one step further, consider a decorative finish, like a color-wash or venetian plaster, that varies the surface color and gives it textural interest and amazing hiding power.
Venetian Plaster
Color Wash
decorative finishes by Coloratura, Inc.

Now, your foyer becomes the dramatic, centerpiece entry into your home!
Does anyone else have any suggestions for Ruth on how to incorporate color into a space that gets really dusty?