Red, white and blue presidential candidate brands

Every election, politicians struggle to develop their image into a cohesive, marketable package to sell to voters. Everyone gets a logo that is wrapped up in a (hopefully) unique brand message. But frankly, I'm pretty bored with what is out there. The few variations include the green tail on a star (a nod to environmentalism?) from John Edwards, the black background symbolizing John McCain's military background. Chris Dodd's is beige, brown, and boring.* Barack Obama has a nice modern design, very "Web 2.0", though.
image source
A brand is all about consumer experience represented by a collection of images and ideas that help to uniquely differentiate products or services that appear to be identical. Packaging is a key component of brand appeal, especially for consumer products. In many ways, a presidential candidate is the ultimate consumer product - and, for better or worse, the package that brand comes in is important. (source)
What do you guys think?

*Update: evidently, Chris Dodd has had a new look since May. I couldn't find a logo, but his header is strikingly similar to the background on Mitt Romney's logo...