Lord & Taylor re-invents itself

Lord & Taylor is doing some serious re-branding of their store's image. It will be a balancing act between developing a more modern appeal, while still maintaining its 181 year old heritage. Here's the look they are hoping to project: "unapologetically classic with a multi-generational attitude".
Well, it's certainly "patriotic", with all that navy, white and reddish couch. Well, except for the teens making out in the background, and the blond losing her shirt...(just poking fun, don't mind me!)
The upscale department store’s shopping bags and boxes have undergone a transformation and will be introduced in the stores September. Bearing an updated script logo in gray on white, they will have a bold orange/yellow interior, a stunning “sunrise” color.
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What do you think this is meant to symbolize? The campaign starts later this month, so keep your eyes peeled if you have a store in your city.