British with a twist

Pimm's, a UK brand of alcoholic beverages, has gone to great lengths to define the message they want to promote about their product, and the demographic of drinkers they hope to target.
Notice the consistent use of red throughout all their marketing collateral. Perhaps to associate with the drink's dark tea colour that has a reddish tint? For the summer drinks, it's paired with a ripe fresh green, and for the winter product, warming orange is incorporated. Maybe also to associate with the orange peel that is added to the drink?

Over the years, the company has worked very hard to shake off the reputation of being a drink for only gentlemen.
Pimm's was voted as a Superbrand by experts in the UK. Through a long- standing association with outdoor summer events, it encapsulates a quintessential British charm that has contributed to its reputation as one of the UK’s most popular summer drinks; "Anyone for Pimm's"?

Pimm's Winter, a brandy based liquor, is marketed with distinctive orange packaging (to denote a warming glow) instead of the familiar Pimm's No.1 Cup red, a traditionally summer drink.
Here's the company's desired message, or in marketing speak, "brand values":
The essence of Pimm's is that perfect summer feeling: the sun on your face, sharing time with friends and spending as much time as possible outdoors. Its personality is young and optimistic with a view that life is made for celebrating and every day should be marked as an occasion. Throughout a long and colourful history, Pimm's has remained true to its British heritage while still creating a contemporary freshness that has expanded its modern day appeal and increased the brand awareness. Its target audience now covers a wide range of ages and backgrounds, not a definitive ‘type’ or social class.
Anyone reading this in the UK, is Pimm's a big deal over there, or is this just the image they want to promote?

all images from Pimm's