Busy being artsy

It seems I have reached the age where all my friends are having babies. As I prefer to give personalized gifts that have more longevity than say, a diaper genie, I go back to my fine arts background for present ideas. This past week, I was busy creating colorful pieces for two mother-to-be friends. I'm going to a shower for one of them this week, and then on vacation, so my posts might be a little scattered 'til I get back.For the teddy bear on the left, I asked my friend for a photo of favorite toy from when she was a child. Luckily, she still had the stuffed animal, "Little Bear", that started its journey with her when she was just an infant.The babie's room is painted a soft blue with lavender accents, so I thought a glowing yellow bear would stand out nicely.

The other art piece was a customized alphabet, inspired by print my friend found on a baby website. We brainstormed images that had meaning to the couple, and stuck those in where they fit. "S" is for San Francisco cable car, since they got married in San Francisco. "P" is for Golden Pig, since this is the year of the golden pig, when their baby is born. This friend's nursery is lavender, so she asked for a purple, orange, and green color scheme.

People are always more brave with color choices when it comes to children's rooms, so I went to town with bright colors.

Just wanted to share!