Playing textile designer

Have you ever felt like the rug options out there are just too limited for what you envisioned on your floor? Enter modular carpet tiles and area rugs-so much fun!
Kelley wrote in to tell me about Flor where you can customize to your hearts delight. They've got soft understated neutrals, bright energetic primaries, and everything in between.

Their rug descriptions are equally entertaining:
House Pet
Look: Think faux mohair, looking more like a sweater than a rug.
Whiskery, like a wire-haired terrier.
Be Smart:
Highly durable, doesn’t show dirt and is easy to clean. Plus, it goes practically anywhere — living rooms, family rooms, playrooms, and obediently mixes with a whole litter of other FLOR styles — hey, it’s FLOR’s #1 for a reason.
This website also has an excellent article by my fellow IACC-NA colleague, Jill Pilaroscia, about color in office spaces. A must read!