Subculture adopts peculiar color scheme

There's something between a subculture and a social class in England that has sprouted up, called "Chav", a new breed of working class thug.

The most popular element of the Chav uniform is the Burberry plaid cap. I don't know about you, but taupe, white, rust and beige doesn't say "gangsta culture" to me. Evidently, England use to have laws that persecuted someone for dressing above their "station" in life. Presumably it is status that Chavs are looking for when they snap up anything and everything emblazoned with the plaid.
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"It’s the consumer who wears the product that makes the new subculture. Burberry is a popular brand of hip-hop artists, just like Cadillacs. In the end, brand meaning can change as quickly as the person or group of people wearing it." source

Thanks to reader David for the tip!