Gangs use color as social signifier

"Fashion has always been something of a uniform. Goths, hippies, preppies, Madison Avenue ladies who lunch: each group has its look." -NYT

Continuing my investigation into gang color schemes, we have yet another group. The Latin Kings are a street gang, claiming chapters across the country. Their identifiers are black and gold or yellow, like a poisonous animal warning off predators. According to one source, black represents death, gold represents life. A NYT article looks into why members chose to draw attention to themselves in such an obvious fashion. Their gang colors certainly don't help them stay under the cop's radar.
image sources left, middle,right
The Latin Kings themselves say that wearing the colors is a matter of cultural pride and identity. Leaders of the gang claim major clothing companies have capitalized on the allure of gang colors to market their products.

HBO documentary

Others disagree; they don't think the colors are a matter of pride. “Most of them come from nothing: poor homes, crack-infested neighborhoods. They are looking for some kind of identity.” Showing gang colors can also been seen as an organizational tool, a control mechanism.

It certainly send out a warning signal to others, that's for sure.