Painting dark bedrooms-does it work?

The New York Times has a article online about painting bedrooms a dark color. When consulting, I often run up against opposition to this suggestion. People worry about closing in a space, when in reality, certain spaces are much more effective when they create a cozy atmosphere. It's not right for everyone, but just think about the mood you want for a room. For sleeping, what's wrong with enveloping your entire space like a warm hug?
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“People are always afraid of things becoming too dark or depressing. Even though they seem compelled to use deeper colors, they want to know, is this going to make the room appear too small, or ruin my life?”Deep colors can work beautifully, but some colors look better in dark shades than others. -NYT
The consensus is to keep the deep colors in a warm palette, like rich browns, burgundy, and golden tones. Blues and greens can lean towards being too cold and depressing. But like I always say, it's all about context; there are no recipes for a successful color scheme.

Have you taken any risks with color in your house? Were they successful?