Cirque du Soleil rocks

I just received a newsletter from Cirque du Soleil, and realized I haven't gushed about them on this blog.
I need that fantastic hat! What on earth is it made out of?
I have to admit to you all, I am a complete and total Cirque du Soleil groupie. Have you ever seen any of their performances? For those unfamiliar with Cirque, they are a circus performance company that encompasses everything that is magical and amazing about acrobatics, theater, lighting, music, choreography, costume, and of course, Color! Anytime a show comes into town, I am first in line to buy tickets, and have even traveled to Las Vegas specifically for their permanent show at the Bellagio, "O". If I ever relocate to Montreal, Canada where they are based, I would love, love, love to work for them.

But there is hope. Cirque du Soleil announced back in November that they will open a major new permanent show in 2010 at Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, home of the Academy Awards. So those of you in LA, here's your chance to get in on the action!

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