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A while back, I was "tagged" by Bellis to reveal some fun facts about myself. So, in honor of the holidays and sharing, here are a few, plus visuals, just for kicks.

I wore a orange creamsicle-colored dress (with a blue shawl) for my wedding. I used to create edible paintings for high-end cakes. Lots of celebrity events. Once, we did personal cakes decorated with faux dollar bills for some government function. They flew a chartered, private jet out to pick up the cakes. This one was an enormous pagoda for a weddingI can eat an entire pan of brownies in one sitting, if necessary.image source
I once tried ice-climbing. Yup, that's me rappelling off a frozen waterfall.
I am a chicken nacho connoisseur, always on the hunt for the perfect recipe.
Every birthday, my husband and I design and create birthday "crowns" for each other. They seem to get more and more elaborate every year. This carousel actually spun around.
So, there you have a few quirky facts about me.

Very happy holidays to everyone- I hope you all are enjoying yourselves. I, personally, am recovering from a prolonged food coma.