Hey color, stop shifting on me!

Have you ever run into any of these painting issues while deciding on a paint color for a space?
  • You look at a color swatch on the floor, but when you hold it up against the wall, it appears totally different.
  • You've painted a room that looks great at one time during the day, but not so desirable at another time.
  • A color looks fabulous in one room, but shifts to something very different in another room.
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This is called color shifting. In more technical terms, it's referred to as metamerism and flop angle. Metamerisms refer to how differently colors behave from surface to surface and light source to light source. One color will vary dramatically based on the medium: a painted wall, cast ceramic piece, or fabric swatch.
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Have you ever pulled two socks out of your drawer, thinking they were both black, (the bedroom may have incandescent lights) then find out later (the kitchen may have fluorescent lights) you're wearing one black, one navy? Yup-metamerism at work.

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Flop angle has to do with how color changes appearances based on the angle at which it is viewed. Imagine looking at a metallic sheet of paper-holding it in one direction versus another changes how it shimmers, and what color appears dominant.

Ever encounter these phenomena before? How did you deal with the dilemma?